All My Pet Supplies has thousands of products on hand and experienced staff in place, we can ensure that your order is pulled, expertly packed and shipped in the shortest possible time so that you receive your order in perfect condition and when you need it. While we make every attempt to ship our products the same day we receive the orders we guarantee a 2-3 day shipping policy.  We have to do this because a few of our products are custom made and many of our products are made to order. 

We have two shipping centers in the United States.  One is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and the other is in Beavercreek, Ohio.  We have diversified our shipping facilities to provide you with faster ship times.  Using multiple shipping facilities may cause your order to show up in different packages and possible on different days.  How we choose the shipping origin is based upon many factors.  However, we make every effort to keep your shipping costs as low as possible.

All of our shipping rates are calculated at checkout using real time shipping rates from UPS.  Although these rates are very accurate we reserve the right to adjust the shipping rates according to variations in the shipping process.  You will be notified via email in order to confirm all changes.  We cannot change your order without your consent.